About to launch your product and need to shout about it? Perhaps you’d like  more consistent, continuous PR activity or are simply looking for opportunities as and when they arise?

Many clients come to me having already had discussions with PR agencies.  I often hear how inflexible they are with regards to approach, and fees quoted are sometimes enough to make your eyes water!

I’ve worked almost exclusively with over 300 start-ups and small businesses in a wide variety of industries throughout the last eight years and during that time, I’ve grown to understand your particular needs and limitations. With that in mind, I’ve put together three PR packages – one of which I think will suit you and your business perfectly, in whichever industry you operate.


Level 1 – Opportunity PR

I receive over dozens of requests from the media each day, searching for comment, advice, quotes and case studies across all industry sectors.  If one sounds like it would be perfect for your business, I’ll run it past you before I respond to the media contact.  If we’re successful and you’re included in the feature, I’ll then charge you a £350 flat fee.


What’s great? Minimal flat fee, payable ONLY if you’re featured in the press

Level 2 – Payment By Results

Ideal for when you’ve got some news or a story idea you’d like me to proactively pitch to the media.  I will:-

  • Ask you for the names of up to six print and/or online sites, TV or radio programmes to which you’d like me to pitch
  • Develop and present the final agreed pitch
  • Follow up for vital media feedback

If you do appear in one of your specific chosen titles, the following fixed fees will apply:

  • National newspaper/magazine print – £500
  • National newspaper/magazine online – £350
  • Local press & trade (print, broadcast and/or online) – £200
  • National radio broadcast – £750
  • National TV broadcast – £950

Imagine securing an article in The Guardian for example, worth £8000 in advertising costs – which you’ve achieved for only £500!  Simply download my Pay By Results PR Template to let me know who you are and how I can help your business.


What’s great?  Flat fee, ONLY if you’re successful.  Impressive coverage at a fraction of the cost

Level 3 – Ultimate Focus PR (3 months PR service)

My Ultimate Focus PR clients can expect a first class, personal service based on the best training, experience, support and media relationships out there.  Starting from a minimum of 30 hours over 12 weeks, rest assured I’ll be working hard to place you in your target titles; helping you to achieve your PR objectives.

*Please note that all retainers are subject to a minimum period of 12 weeks and can be renewed if required at the end of this initial period.  Retainer fees are due at the beginning of each 12 week period and are not refundable should the client fail to respond or provide information requested, or should the client change the brief during any 12 week period.

handover of baton in business relay - slight motion blur

What’s great?  I’ll help you to consistently and effectively maintain your profile in the press, putting you ahead of your competitors – at a fraction of large agency fees!

Not sure which package to choose?  Then why not visit the helpful product or profile pages which will help you to decide.  Then drop me a line and let me know what it is you need to give your brand, products or services that boost.