Nuisance call comment prompts media interest

This doesn’t happen often but thanks to the superb work of Janet Murray, I was recently asked to pitch a comment appropriate to the producer of the Today programme.

I have to be perfectly honest – at that time I had nothing in the pipeline but, for the purposes of the exercise, I selected what I thought would be an appropriate client in the form of nuisance call blocker, trueCall.  Doing a little bit of homework, I uncovered that the government was planning to introduce harsher penalties for UK companies who cold call households. Knowing full well that at least half of these calls are believed to come from call centres abroad, it was evident that these moves would not solve the problem.

Success! (Well partially at least).  The producer thought the story might have legs.

Imagine my surprise though, when I woke this morning to the news that the government had indeed implemented its proposed changes, and that the media was all over the story.

So far today, my client has had an interview with BBC Radio London and interest from several of the main news channels.

Lessons learned?  a.  It pays to do your homework  and b. Any PR, however long in the industry, should always be learning and developing.  They owe it to their clients.

Interview with Paul Ross (from (1:07:00)


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