Innovations to add to your customer experience



I read an article today which described how Coca Cola was informing those consuming any of their drinks not only about how many calories they were ingesting, but what sort of exercise would help them to work off those calories so that they wouldn’t be adding on any weight.  So for example, they might say “this can is 130 calories.  You can balance this by doing Pilates for 30 minutes or washing the floor for 40 minutes”.

Of course, this is information which we could eventually find out from a website search somewhere, but having it to hand (if I was fitness conscious or indeed fit) is so much better, isn’t it?

That got me thinking.  If you manufacture a product and are looking to bring it to market, how can you make it more interesting if it’s not unique and add customer value at the same time?

Over the festive season, how many of you had a sneaky sherry or glass of mulled wine when out visiting friends or relatives and simply crossed your fingers that you weren’t driving over the limit?  Promises that “it’s only 5% so barely any alcohol at all” or “I’ve watered it right down so you’ll be safe” simply can’t be relied upon.  Is potentially losing your driving licence really worth it?

So to be absolutely safe and prove that they have the best interests of their customers at heart, why can’t alcohol brands and/or pubs provide customers with their very own breathalyzer- either as they come in or on the side of a pack or bottle?  How handy would that be?  Simply pop it into your pocket or handbag and take a reading before you start to drink and then again after each one, making sure you stay well within the limit.  If it looks like you’re about to go over, wait an hour or two and then take another reading.

This is what I had in mind when I devised my new PR package.  PR is never guaranteed, so I wanted to find a way in which small businesses with restricted budgets would still receive something tangible, should their release not be accepted by the media.

What customer added value could you add to your product or service?


2 thoughts on “Innovations to add to your customer experience

  1. Hi Claire as a driving instructor here in the northeast, i have found going that little bit extra really helps in my recommendations from pupils. I not only cover the usual routes around the local test centre, but also ask which routes they will be using most when they pass their test, and cover them also. This fills them with confidence which is most appreciated.

  2. Dawson – re. north east driving instruction. Absolutely, transforming what could be a standard service into a personalised offering adds considerable value to a brand. It shows that you’re investing in that person not only with the objective of passing their test, but in their driving skills and safety in the months and even years following.

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