Why marketing really is just common sense

Reading some of Seth Godin’s work again last night as my husband was snoring soundly (which wasn’t easy as I was under the covers, reading by the light of my iPhone), it occurred to me again, and not for the first time, how marketing really is just common sense on the whole.

You can imagine how annoying it is to arrive at this realisation, after 15 years of studying, constant examinations, seminars, learning curves, 18 hour days, considerable sums of money and office politics.

But there it is.

What do you need to be a marketer?  Simply this:

The desire to learn.  Constantly.

The willingness to admit you’re not always right (always a toughie).

The desire to find out what people want, and what they’re currently not getting.

A passion for working tooth and nail to give it to them and exceeding their expectations – a delighted customer makes it all worthwhile.

The overwhelming determination to not offer them anything you feel in your heart of hearts is rubbish or substandard, whether it be a product or service.

And then of course all you need is to continue to find out about how marketing techniques work, trial them and measure to see which is best for your customer base.

Finally – last but absolutely not least, you need to be a “people” person.  Communicate constantly with actual and potential clients to ensure you’re continuing to delight them.

And that’s really about it!  Nothing ground breaking, nothing startling and no jargon needed.

So why many businesses are more concerned about flogging products and offering a less than satisfactory service is beyond me.

What are your experiences of great and appalling service?


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