Data security for home workers

Not in any way related to communications, I know, but there’s been something concerning me for some time.

Being the responsible home-based consultant that I am, all my client work is saved offsite at a website based storage solution system – you never know, as they say.

Unfortunately, I have tried to also save my emails (as pst files) to such a site, with no success.  Requests for information and help have fallen on deaf ears by the organisation, and I have been unable to track down such a supplier – they love large businesses it seems, but not sole traders.

Which leads me to wonder – with the thousands of home workers across the globe (numbers which of course will increase over the next few years), how are they archiving their emails safely?  I suspect many will simply pop them onto a stick which rests in a desk drawer – not great news if there’s a fire or flood.  Worse still, some may not be archiving them at all.

Do you know of any such websites who will archive emails for sole traders?  Please do let me know before I resort to saving them to a stick and running round to my neighbour’s each night for storage.


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