Sinking my teeth into my work

I was quoted in The Daily Express recently.  No, they didn’t seek my opinion on the latest mad ideas from our government, nor did they ask what I thought about the planet having supposedly heated up by 4 degrees.

Story Image

They asked why it is I think that women, since time immemorial, have been besotted by vampires.

Since this is probably a topic I would excel at, should I ever be asked to appear on Mastermind in the future (equally unlikely), it wasn’t so much having difficulty in thinking of something to say, it was actually knowing when to stop babbling on.

The writer in question, a lovely journalist called Jo, got to dress up and pretend to be ravished by a vampire for the shoot (note to self – review career choice) and I was glad to help.

Here’s the link – what are your thoughts on the “recent” (of course it’s not recent it’s just a new generation of Twilight fans) craze for all things bloodthirsty?


One thought on “Sinking my teeth into my work

  1. Hi Claire! Just wanted to thank you for RTing my book blurb on Twitter, and to send you a book (but can’t DM you). Email or DM me your address & I’ll pop it in the post… cheers! Bxx

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