From jewels to equines

What a week it’s been!

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve finally had to give in and enlist some help in the form of freelance writer, Anna Everett for some jobs – not easy for a control freak like me!  However, because I know my clients so well and what it is they need, I review each piece of work and tweak accordingly, so that it perfectly matches their requirements, as always.  It’s made life so much easier!

So, with Anna on board, this week I’ve been working on:

Social media and blogging for jobs posting sites

Social media and PR for my client’s brilliant kids’ fashion label

Blogging about budget fashion, vintage fashion and accessories

Social media for high end children’s furniture and toy website

Agreeing a full page feature in a leading business airline magazine for my Savile Row tailoring client

Discussing PR with my toiletries manufacturer and;

Talking about funerals

Diverse, huh?  And all that, interspersed with school Sports Day!

Another diverse client who came on board this week is a very well-respected “horse whisperer”, who states that in actual fact, many “problem” horses are not a problem with the horse itself but with the rider.  As an ex-horse lover myself, I find myself comparing him with the original “dog whisperer” Cesar Milan, whose philosophy is exactly the same.

You wouldn’t get that with a nine to five!


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