A bit of girly nonsense

Having recently taken on a handful of clients in the beauty and fashion sectors, I have managed to rediscover my girly side and am revelling in it!  With that in mind, as I was strolling through the fabulous Get Lippie blog, I came across a post regarding a competition with fabulous prizes including limited edition Chanel nailvarnishes and such.  All one needs to do, apparently is write a blog post about what makes them happy and link to the Get Lippie site (that’s 2 links now so that’s double points in my book).

I could of course say that being able to wear limited edition Chanel nail varnish will impress the sheep, farmers and general wildlife in and around my village, and will no doubt match my jeans/teeshirt ensemble no end.  However, I think that’s rather lame (bit like most of the sheep it seems), so I’m going to give you a quote which I heard recently, which very much clicked with me, made me nod wisely and put a smile on my face.  I use it on average, about four times each day now.  I’ve got no idea who said it and if I’m really honest, couldn’t give a toss but it is of course completely accurate.  I’m probably not spot on with it, but will give you the gist:

“Life isn’t all about searching for the sun, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”.

Love it.

Wish me luck!


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