Sainsburys customer service – or lip service?

Just had an absolute shining example of how not to treat a customer.

In today’s competitive business climate, it is vital that all businesses are “customer focused” and indeed many do take the time and effort (not to mention resources) to listen to their clients and make sure they’re not only happy, but delighted with their service, to ensure they return again and again.

I was astounded earlier today then, when I opened a packet of strawberries which I’d bought on Saturday, to find them soggy and mouldy.  To be fair, both the display date and best before date were given as today, but that hardly meant I should be prepared for a mushy, furry mess.

So, fully accepting that these things happen and strawberries are delicate, wayward things, I hunted down Sainsburys customer care number – only to find each phone call would cost AT LEAST £1.50.  Ever had the feeling someone doesn’t want to talk to you? Undeterred I rang my local Alnwick branch, who said that was no problem but I had to repeat what I’d just said to its customer care department.  The phone call was duly transferred…

…and then I was cut off.

Sainsburys, stop spending millions on advertising, branding and promotions.  Just think about who is actually buying your products – and bend over backwards to make sure that you listen to us.

I’m off to ASDA.


2 thoughts on “Sainsburys customer service – or lip service?

  1. You would expect better from Sainsbury wouldn’t you? It seems to be a recurring theme with some service providers, it is far too easy for them to ignore you if you complain via email or cut you off if you telephone them. Sometimes the only option is to go into the shop and make a scene in front of the rest of their customers. That may just get their attention.

  2. I agree with you! They should spen less in commercials (I believe Jamie Oliver is very expensive!) and care more about the quality of their products as I find them myself sometimes very poor.


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