When should you use PR?

Found a great article today on startupdonutblog talking about the biggest blunders small business owners make when it comes to PR. Paul Green explores these misconceptions with great insight and knowledge, saying:

1. Don’t expect to gain coverage from every single press release you send out.

2. Journalists don’t care about your business – they care about their readers. What would they be interested in?

3. Effective PR needs long-term commitment, not a one-off. Same as any other marketing activity.

4. PR is unlikely to bring in extra leads and/or sales.

So why would you use it?

A planned, integrated marketing activity, including PR, carried out preferably consistently, but at least over a period of months, will bring awareness of your brand to your target audience, establish you in the marketplace, develop your reputation and turn you into a force to be reckoned with in your particular field. This should hopefully increase and maintain sales over the longterm and will help see you through any rough patches. However, if you’re in the market simply to raise your sales by 20% over the next three weeks – hire a salesperson.


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