How to make blogging work for you

writers blockIt’s quite simple – just make your blog relevant to your target audience and keep it updated!

According to a survey carried out among of 125 small business owners by Write My Site, 62% recognised that a blog would help raise their profile, strengthen their brand image, reputation and search engine ranking. They therefore set up their firm’s blog. Unfortunately, 29% then said they updated their post 1-3 times per month, whilst a staggering 71% admitted they were too busy to think about it and had let it go.

As a business owner, you know that success doesn’t simply fall into your lap. It takes hard work, effort and no shortage of stress. If you don’t take the time to recognise that marketing your firm is what will bring in the sales or fees, and invest enough time to ensure that it is being carried out effectively, then there is no reason why new clients should take their time to hunt you down and find out more about you before investing their hard earned cash. Make it easy for them!

Why am I emphasising the need for a blog? I’ll tell you:

1. It’s a great way of profiling your firm to the outside world, absolutely free. Not just your locality, but the whole flipping world. It doesn’t take a genius to put together a cost:benefit ratio analysis, compared to a £300 advert in your local rag.

2. Clients buy into trust, into relationships. When put side by side with your competitors, clients will choose the firm they feel most comfortable with. Blogs are a fantastic way of injecting some personality into your firm, conveying more messages than ads or PR ever could.

3. Communication. If you’re running a sale, have won an award, have a special offer currently, blog it and then Twitter/Facebook it. You’ll reach dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of relevant individuals. How much would time, effort and money would that have cost you to DM, providing of course you could buy the contact details? You may also hit lucky and reach an interested editor or journalist, who might run with your story.

4. Google. Search engines just love regular, unique content. Spiders lap them up and if you’ve kept an eye on key words in your blog content and dumped your blogs in the correct category, you’ll attract a lot of interest and go shooting up the search engine listings. Much cheaper than hiring a specialist.

You can’t afford to ignore such a fantastic opportunity to communicate with your current clients and showcase yourself to other potential clients. If you can’t afford the time to update your blog daily or even weekly, delegate someone in your team or pay someone to do it for you. You’ll be glad you did.


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