From green topics to pink hairdos and a fascinating author

First week back from sunny Mallorca, and what a week it’s been!

On the client front, I’m turning into my own version of an eco-warrior, working with both Bamboo Baby, who has opened my eyes to the use of bamboo in the textiles industry; and a client promoting investment in jatropha, currently being hailed as the newest hope for a replacement to traditional oil. Apparently, millions of hectares are currently being put aside to grow this plant, whose seeds can be converted to fuel for diesel cars without modification.

In addition to all this, I am in the fortunate position of being able to promote a new novel, “The French Odalisque” by my client, who is now in his eighties, Sean Graham. An extraordinary man, born a German Jew, he was fostered out at an early age by his father and stepmother, finally being adopted by his uncle’s family. Fleeing to England in 1933, they settled in Hampstead, where Sean endured bullying at boarding school. Later, two years into his law studies at Cambridge, he was shipped off to a Quaker camp in Canada for three months as alien enemy.

On arriving back in England, Sean discovered that his home in Hampstead had been bombed and his family had emigrated to the States, with no means of finding them. The war was looming, he volunteered and the Army trained him in intelligence work. He rose through the ranks very quickly and spent the following seven years interrogating high level German officers and other PoW.

After leaving the Army, he went to Ghana as a film maker and helping to create the Ghana Film Industry, becoming close to Nkrumah, President at that time. He then went on to establish the film industry in Tunisia in 1958 before returning and finally settling down in London with his French wife to a life of film writing and travelling. He is now in his eighties, has four grandchildren and is looking forward to the launch party for “The French Odalisque” in September.

It is my honour to be working with someone who has led such an eventful life and I will be doing my very best to get both the novel and Sean’s lifestory out to the public.

“The French Odalisque” will be published by Orbach and Chambers in September and will retail at £9.99. It will be available on Amazon, so make sure it goes on your shopping list!

And finally – I don’t want to tap into the trend of talking about the late MJ, but it is of course a tragedy that he left before his comeback, although some of us may argue that he never left. Another showbiz great who has left us today is the wonderful Mollie Sugden. One week the hair was pink, the next blue and the following week green. One thing remained constant – her love for her pussy. I will raise a glass to the late Ms Sugden this evening and be sure to give my own pussy a special treat in recognition!!


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