Stay afloat without dropping prices

I’ve just spent 10 glorious days in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca. Having been there three times now, the locals, who appear to drop their normal jobs during the summer season and concentrate on tourist-related jobs, are extremely worried about the reduction in tourists this year, which will seriously affect their livelihood. Several shops had closed down and they, like the rest of us, can only hold their breath and wait for the end of the recession.

There are ways, however, to engage new customers and encourage as much repeat business as possible, without having to reduce yourself to doing battle in a price war, which could seriously affect not only your profit margins but also your brand reputation. Here are some examples:

One restaurant we went to left us standing at the entrance for a good few minutes before asking us to move from a table we’d focused upon so that they could rearrange the furniture for a slightly larger family behind us. We made a swift exit and never returned.

Another restaurant, Tango, couldn’t have been friendlier, the owner, Manuelo, greeting us at the door each night (yes – each night) and the waiters joking and playing with our young daughter. It isn’t the cheapest of places, but we have gone there regularly, for the last three years.

And finally, a special word for Nico’s restaurant in the resort. A new visit for us, we enjoyed the first time and so returned the next day. Not only did the waiter ask if we wanted the same table as we’d had previously, he gave our daughter some pictures to colour in, remembered that she particularly liked red crayons and hunted one out for her and at the end of the meal, gave her a lollipop and balloon. She was over the moon and we were delighted at the informal, efficient and extremely friendly service and spent a fortune there over our holiday. If you’re in Mallorca, make sure you give them a visit – Nico’s.

Make your service memorable. Make every customer feel like they are valuable to you and not just another foot through the door. By ensuring that they have an enjoyable time buying your products or services, you stand the best chance possible of becoming their number one choice and they will return again and again.


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