You’re not rubbing gel on my table!

kbox_pack_shotHad a funny old week promoting the new K-box product for my clients, social media gurus and musiciansKerchoonz. K-box is an audio device, no bigger than your average mobile. Plug it into your iPhone, gaming device (in fact pretty much anything except the toaster) and it turns whatever it’s sitting on into a giant speaker so you can listen to your tunes on your travels! I am by no means a technical person, but it has something to do with the gel inside the device. Unfortunately, a couple of bloggers interpreted its workings as dependent on smearing gel all over your table or wall akin to an ultrasound! Mistakes quickly rectified and enquiries flooding in.

One of the best blogs I’ve seen helping us to spread the word is CrunchGear, with the genius that is Nicholas Deleon describing how the newly-wed but less than loved-up “Brad” and “Jen” get up close and personal with the K-box. Ooer, there’s trouble at mill!


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