The nation is “fizzing” about Sherbert Fountains

You don’t need me to tell you, it’s been in just about every press outlet going in the UK, over the last week. Swine flu is appalling, the credit crunch depressing but Sherbert Fountains being changed from cardboard to plastic? It’s a step too far, I tell you.

My client,, has gone from selling the “proper” SFs singluarly to boxes of ’em. I can see them now, turning up on future episodes of Antiques Roadshow, with the resident expert fondly stroking the flimsy packaging, already wilting at being exposed to the slightest bit of damp in the air. Another piece of truly British tradition tossed by the wayside in the interests of hygiene. Which makes me wonder – if we have become so concerned about hygiene over the last 25 years or so, why are our hospitals so riddled with bugs nowadays?


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