Claire Shiels Marketing going national?

Had BBC business correspondent on the phone today, talking about how I managed to set up my business and have continued to successfully secure a great list of clients, despite being located right on the edge of the Northumbrian hills, with only the sheep to talk to during the day. There are no pubs or shops in our village and the population teeters somewhere around 300 (didn’t realise it was that many). There is however, a beautiful church and fantastic first school, with about 40 pupils. To some it would be hell, to me it’s an absolute privilege being able to do a job that I’m passionate about, be surrounded by jaw dropping beautiful countryside, have time to spend with my young daughter (occasionally) and being able to now count many of my clients as true friends.

It’s not confirmed yet whether the interview is going ahead, but you can bet that I’ll be shrugging off my dressing gown, reaching for the nearest power suit and dashing off to a hair and beauty salon before I’ll face the nation. Now, where can I find one……?


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