SEO is no quick fix

I receive many requests from potential clients requiring website copy which will enhance SEO. SEO, despite what some “experts” may tell you, is no fast fix. If you hit lucky and manage to get yourself listed in the first couple of pages of Google, there’s no guarantee you’ll stay there for any length of time. In fact, it’s highly unlikely. The only way to try and maintain this position is to work hard at it – every single day, using your full marketing toolkit. That’s updating your blogs, regularly reviewing your website copy, writing online articles, PR, contributing to forums and so on. It can be a costly business if you outsource the work, solely with achieiving this objective.

Here’s a good tip for you though – will help you decide which key words and phrases to go for when writing online copy by showing you the most popular and relevant to your particular business. It’s 59$ or £29 per month, but they have a free trial of 7 days.


One thought on “SEO is no quick fix

  1. Hi Claire,

    I just wanted to let you know a couple of things – firstly, the GBP price for subscription is now £28.00 due to the drop in the VAT rate, and also, we do have free tools available – the free keywords tool at: will give up to 100 results on a seed keyword, and the new Keyword Questions tool at will tell you what questions are being asked on any given term – i.e.

    I hope that’s useful, but you’re welcome to drop us a line at any time.

    All the best,


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