Property recruitment enters a new age

Okay, so we’re all clued up about social networking, but have you heard about “social headhunting”? This has been introduced (to the best of my knowledge, your honour), or at least brought to our attention by my client, Focusing on the property industry, Prefio is not your usual recruitment agency. It offers rather nice wads of cash to “referrers” (which currently number around 1000, all with the relevant knowledge of the movers and shakers in the industry) of both potential new employees or employers looking for staff.

The reason? Prefio’s logic states that it can gain inside knowledge and market awareness simply by asking the people in the know, to tell them and they will in turn pass this information onto the relevant people (employers or potential employees). Result? A win:win situation.

Does it work in practice? Well, having come from a property marketing background, our firm’s policy towards recruitment was to:

a. put an ad on the website. Free but meant you received applications from people from all walks of life
b. put an ad in the local press. More expensive, and you still received applications from people from all walks of life
c. asked all employees if they knew someone suitable. Free again – but yes, you still received applications from people from all walks of life

It seems to me that if you’re recruiting at a medium to high level, therefore requiring someone with property experience, but not living in a city area, your chances of recruiting that “special someone” is pretty remote, especially if you don’t have the budget to advertise in the national property press. So, overall, it seems Prefio may have hit on something here – I’ll keep you informed…

PS – Any referrers out there. If you refer a potential employee successfully, you’ll earn £2,500. If you refer an employer looking for someone and are successful, you’ll earn £500. The address is – tell them Claire sent you!


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