Sales v marketing – the debate continues

It seems I have created a heated debate with my question “what do small businesses really want from communications professionals?” – a debate which is still raging, several days after I posted it.

Trying desperately to stay neutral, (I am, after all, a comms professional AND a small business owner), I have listened to both sides of the argument – as indeed, it appears, two distinct sides are forming.

One passionate viewpoint (not from a marketer, funnily enough) is that marketing people also need to double up as salespeople, investing heavily in the business itself, being responsible for bringing in the revenue and being paid solely on results.

The neighbours on the other side of the fence are pointing out that marketing lays the groundwork for sales – identifying opportunities and providing leads but not closing the deal, which demands a completely different set of skills.

My thanks to all those who have taken part in such a worthwhile and passionate discussion. Now, does anyone have a pair of stepladders? I need to get down from this fence…


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