What do small businesses need from marketing professionals?

What exactly do they need? “Carefully planned and well executed integrated marketing campaigns” my colleagues will quite rightly shout at the screen. “Something that’s going to bring me considerable revenue quickly, at very little cost” many of my clients will equally correctly retort.

The fact of the matter is, as any communications professional will tell you, 90 percent of the time, marketing is only effective if it is sustained, thought out and timely. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it does COST.

My approach is to advise clients of the range of tools they have in their “marketing toolkit”. Used together, they can make a huge impression and be extremely effective. However, not all clients can afford the entire toolkit all in one go, and may need to pull one out of the bag when they can. In this instance, it is up to the marketing professional to choose which tool would be most appropriate and affordable in each instance, to try and obtain the best results.

I would be interested to hear both from other communications colleagues how they have approached this challenge and also from small business owners – what are your thoughts?

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