Show of support from the PR industry

My consultancy has now finally launched ( and I have received a congratulatory email from Nigel Morgan, of Morgan PR which just shows how supportive colleagues in the communications industry are of each other.

We discussed how, when a recession such as this hits, it has been generally thought that the PR/marketing and IT functions are affected particularly badly. However, we have both seen that these two areas appear to be thriving. It certainly makes sense ; employees want to maintain their jobs, so compete for personal profile, and it is vital for businesses to maintain promotion – albeit on a smaller budget.

Nigel in particular has observed that permission marketing is particularly effective. For those who haven’t come across this term before, a switch in marketing theory has been taking place over recent years (although the concept of permission marketing was introduced many years ago). Instead of segmenting your customer base, on variables such as demographics, geography, life stage and so forth, and treating each segment the same, marketers are now focusing in on each customer or potential customer specifically where we can, to ascertain their needs and wants, and creating messages and solutions to fulfil this criteria. “Opt-in” email marketing is a useful tool, telling you that an individual has actively given their permission for you to contact them telling them of your products, services and passing on your knowledge, which facilitates more effective marketing campaigns, rather than the traditional method of just mailing vast numbers of individuals, many of whom may not be at the right stage to require what you’re offering, only giving them the option at the end to opt out of future mailings. In this rocky economic climate, it is refreshing and encouraging that industry peers are taking the time to support each other and in my view, it is this, rather than all out competition, which will carry us through into better times.

For Nigel’s blog, please follow this link:


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